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Welcome to the Internet site bearing the trademark alkom digital

The identity of our trademark resides in the alliance of our engineering skills and prosthetic supra-implant expertise.

It is this specific property to best meet all your requirements from the standard item to personalized implant suprastructures.

Our final objective is to offer dental professionals a large range of technical responses, taking into account the degree of personalization desired.

I hope you have an excellent navigation of our company.

Yours sincerely,

Jacques Hornbeck
Chief Executive Officer

About us

alkom digital is precursor in Europe in the field of dental CAD CAM

For more than 15 years, alkom digital has been the precursor in Europe in the field of dental CAD CAM.

Our teams consisting of experienced dental prosthetists as well as specialized engineers in industrial micro milling, providing you with a production of very high technical expertise.

As an expert recognized for the design and realization of implant suprastructures, we offer you premium solutions specifically under research to best meet all your needs.

The high-precision standard pieces, such as titanium screws and inserts, are manufactured according to our needs via a certified and tested industrial process.

Specialized in advising and production of personalized implant suprastructures, we have a unique know-how in terms of passive fit and quality of production.

The large range of materials we have available can meet all requirements related to the screw-retained implant restorations or cemented frameworks.